The brand identity and communications were designed to represent the uniqueness of the food serving system from our client. The new invented machine is automatic yet offers a real old-school fried chicken taste that is fresh, unique and authentic. 
Therefore, we needed to focus on brand positioning and strategy that showcases futuristic experience as well as friendliness. 
The communications was carefully considered and designed for potential franchise business owners, as well as end users who will be engaged with the new era for extra ordinary dining experiences.
The customer experience from this brand is strongly dependent upon the delivery system. The cohesive visual identity also aims to present simplicity and innovation across the usability of ordering platform including kiosk and website.
Visitors also can start their journey from the self service kiosk to create an order at a branch with future-store fit-out. A retro-cyber design twist across the store look and feel as well as the packaging design system that is quirky and contemporary, offers amusing experience. 
The typography of the logo type represents the personality of seamless manufacturing system by the graphic elements. A monogram that is intriguing and delightful, happily engages target audiences.  
The design strategy is focusing to deliver a passionate, proud and exclusive brand story to the franchisees and end users. With the sense of humour, a range of welcoming icons enhance the brand awareness to all age group. 
A number of people who dreams to be a franchise business owner can be entering the market with unique and proven concept, that is easy to maintain. With the quality control system that is smart and efficient, the recipe is still damn delicious and authentically localised. 
The quality of the food is precisely consistent and services are also kindly enhanced with human touch. Therefore, we needed to create a brand landscape that would empower the experience to be easy, friendly and likeable, so it could better compete in the market with full of other brands. 
It offers the opportunity to a number of branch owners to fully enjoy the business. 

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